Academic English Interactive Mentor

The project consists of an Academic English Interactive Mentor (AIM) webtool and intensive teacher training workshops.

About the Project

This project aims to help teachers and learners in Uzbekistan improve their English academic reading and writing skills.

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Academic Essays

AIM contains academic essays of different genres. Each essay comes with extensive feedback and interactive activities.

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Information for Students

The AIM materials are easily accessible and beneficial for your English reading and writing. This website can be used as an interactive self-study resource.

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Information for Teachers

The AIM website can be used in classroom teaching of academic English and as a valuable self-study resource for your students or yourself.

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About AIM

AIM stands for the Academic English Interactive Mentor website. AIM contains academic writing in English from the Uzbek context. The essays are sorted by genre and include detailed comments and suggestions on various aspects of academic writing. Students and teachers are invited to read the essays, identify the writing problems, read the feedback, and complete the interactive activities.

The materials on the AIM website are a valuable teaching and learning tool!

We are grateful for the support of the UK Economic and Social Research Council’s Global Challenges Research Fund (ESRC GCRF) Grant No ES/P0009689/1 and Lancaster University for funding this project. We also wish to thank the Uzbekistan Teachers of English Association (UZTEA) for helping to organise the workshop.

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Visit our Forum to share your experiences on the learning and teaching of academic reading and writing with other learners and teachers.

Read the Essay

01. The Essay

Here are academic essays written in English by university students and teachers in Uzbekistan. There are different essay genres: persuasion/argumentation, problem-solution, and professional articles. The topics and word count vary from essay to essay.

Identify the Issues

02. Issues

The essays include extensive feedback on different aspects of writing: idea development, macrostructure and organisation, academic style, lexical appropriacy, grammatical accuracy, spelling accuracy and punctuation accuracy. The general strengths and weaknesses of each academic essay are also described.

Perform the Activities

03. Activities

A set of interactive activities is available for each essay. The activities focus on various aspects of academic writing, for example, the clarity and  flow of the argument, the use of linking words to show transition from one claim to another, the use of gender-neutral language, etc.